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Our Mission

Inspire by Motion

To create a culture that strives to become the best version of ourselves, in & out of the gym through Performance with a Purpose.


Lifestyle Movement was entirely founded to make a positive impact in this world and for the future generations.

1 in 5 Children in the US have Obesity.

We recognize Childhood Obesity as a nationwide epidemic. In our response, 10% of all profits fund programs currently reducing Childhood Obesity, starting out in San Diego.

We firmly believe all children should have the opportunity for success, starting with a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Lifestyle Movement is the only fitness apparel brand that gives back to programs reducing childhood obesity. Join us in our journey in creating a healthier future for our communities.

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Why start in San Diego?

Meet Antonio

Born and raised in San Diego, Antonio (24) has been a Personal Trainer for over 5 years. He learned first-hand how devastating the Child Obesity Epidemic really is in this country when his brother was diagnosed with Type II diabetes at the age of 28. Antonio realized that the majority of his close family were obese & overwieght putting them at risk to suffer complications that could possibly cut their lives short.

Working in hospitals as a Physical Therapy Aide, Antonio realized this problem was becoming the new norm for kids younger & younger. After years of helping others, he felt like he needed to do more.

While hosting Free Fit Camps in San Diego, Antonio was asked to design shirts to represent the cause he was representing. The shirts quickly sold out and customers wanted more! With a passion for quality & innovation, Lifestyle Movement fitness apparel was born. After selling out again, Antonio was able to make his first major donation to reduce Childhood Obesity in San Diego. In that inspirational moment,. Antonio realized there was no doubt he could create a high quality fitness apparel brand that surpasses the average while helping to reduce childhood obesity.

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